Whatsapp Improves Security in Its App, Ability to Hide Chats


WhatsApp will put new changes to improve security in its app. WhatsApp has started testing the ability to hide chats.

Currently, the user can lock the WhatsApp app using FaceID, passcode or fingerprint, but many users do not like having to open the app repeatedly with FaceID and fingerprint.

In the new change, users can be able to lock anyone’s chat but other chats continue to open without needing FaceID or fingerprints. WhatsApp users will be able to lock any chats and hide them from appearing in the list of regular chats.

WhatsApp will add a new “Locked Chats” section.

WhatsApp has said that it will set up a new special section for chats that the user will open using FaceID or Fingerprint. Other regular chats will continue to exist and will not require FaceID or fingerprint to open.

🔐 WhatsApp will have a new Locked Chats section

If the user chooses to hide and close the chat, it will save itself in the section of chats that are closed. And to open them, WhatsApp will need FaceID and fingerprint so it will prevent someone who is not the owner of the app from being able to open the chats that are stored in the “Locked Chats” section.

Photos and videos that are sent in a locked chat will not be stored on the phone without the user’s permission.

Do you forget your password and can’t open the chat?

And if the user forgets the passcode and fails to open the chat, he will have to delete the entire chat and start over.

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