What is a VPN?, What Does it Help?, Is it OK to Use a VPN?


Virtual Private Networks (VPN) of cause its uses are good but it does not mean that it is very correct to use VPN, no if you put this in your head you will be very wrong because it is not correct and you are not allowed to use VPN because you are like a terrorist when you use VPN.

I’m not here to tell you that you should use VPN or to tell you that it’s good, no I’m just here so you can understand what Virtual Private Network is and why it can help you and why you’re not allowed to use VPN.

This VPN is something that is widely used by large governments of countries, or large organizations to save their data from being hacked, when you use a VPN it is not easy for someone to hack your data, I will tell you why.

Take for example you are logged into your phone or laptop and you log into the browser and you search for something using the data of your mobile network, now where you search for that thing online there is something called IP Address, these come from your device and travel through the Internet and go to The servers of your mobile network, in case they analyze that a certain phone number has sent this IP address and wants to open something.

It is something that is done very quickly to analyze the servers of your mobile network to find out if this number has a bundle or data and if it has permission to open the internet because it has enough MB’s, the IP addresses that come from your mobile network come back to your device and then you get access to open the thing that you want to open.

how VPN work

There is something that you need to understand when you enter the Internet, you send those IP Addresses that go to your mobile network and return to your device. Where are you opening that data?

These VPNs are servers that people create or companies that create VPNs, there are many of them, now what is happening is that the VPN sits between you and your mobile network, that is, the IP Address that your device sends instead of going directly to the Internet. your calls go first to VPN Servers then they go to your mobile network.

The VPN servers are in other countries; their main task is to change your location now that you have a VPN and are using the Internet. When the IP addresses come from your device, they go directly to the VPN servers. the calls you return to the IP Address return, they go through the VPN again and they arrive at your device to be allowed to open the internet.

So when you use the internet while in your country and the VPN is on your device that is turned on, the VPN doesn’t look like it’s in your country.

Now the beauty of VPN is one thing, it is not easy for someone to hack your data, for example, you are in a coffee shop and you are using the restaurant’s Wi-Fi and you need to log into your bank account to check the balance, remember that you are using the IP Address that I have from the phone your money goes to your bank and then comes back to you.

Now the act of writing the Username and Password to the IP Address, remember that they carry your Username and Password, they are sent to the Wi-Fi where they are received in your bank’s system and then they are returned to you so that you can open it, but if you make a mistake in the password, they tell you that you have made a mistake because the Password is carried by the IP When the address arrives at the server, it refuses, it says it is not this, they repeat it to let you know that you are wrong, this is something that happens in a very short time where you have to know the IP Address that they carry information too.

Now if you are using Wi-Fi and there is a hacker next to you, he can find your IP addresses before they return to you and take your bank information and then return it to you, you may think that you are safe but he has already carried them without you realizing it.

but if you are using a VPN, it is not easy to capture your information because you are using a VPN of another country, that is, if you are using the Internet, it is until your information goes from where you are to the country where you are using the VPN and then comes to Wi-Fi because it is not easy for a hacker to stay in the middle to get those your information.

That is the beauty of VPNs even big countries and organizations are using VPNs to save their data so that they cannot be hacked.

But something you need to understand is that it is not right to use VPN if you have no reason to use it because you look like a terrorist because you will be unreadable where you are, so if you have no special reason it is better to use your internet normally.
I think until then you will have understood what VPN is and how it works, I have not talked about VPN so that you can use it No, I have talked so that you can understand what it is.

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