Understand About Wi-Fi, The Difference Between 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz


Today I want to tell you more about the Wi-Fi band, whether it is 2.4 or 5 band, what it means and what is the difference.

And when I talk about Wi-Fi, it’s not just about the router, because when you talk about Wi-Fi, you think quickly about the router, but here I’m talking about even the Wi-Fi found in Television (TV) has Wi-Fi but it band is only a receiving band, where you turn on Wi-Fi itself receives because the TV also allows to receive those frequencies and connect Device to Device.

When Wi-Fi started it had a Bend of 2.4 but nowadays there is a Bend of 5, some people fail to understand what the Bend means and what the difference between 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz means.

If you hear a connection with Wi-Fi, the mind should not go to the router alone because the router has a band that only gives to go to devices with a band that is received.

Usually, every device with a receiving band has 2.4 GHz because this band just started.

but right now there is 5 GHz, now that you have a device capable of giving 5 GHz you must be able to have a device that receives 5 GHz.

GHz is long (gigahertz) now in GHz, let’s discuss Hz (hertz)

Hertz is a measure of frequency per second, that is, in every second there are how many frequencies that have gone, now when the frequency is 1000 we say Megahertz and when you say Gigahertz you mean 1000 Megahertz.

And when you hear that Wi-Fi offers Bend 2.4 GHz, it means that it offers a range that is short and not pan asana, but it goes in a very long distance.

2.4 GHz has a longer range and can penetrate solid objects more easily than the 5 GHz band

2.4 GHz is ideal for devices that are taken from room to room or are more distant from the router

Now if you are told that your router has 2.4 GHz and your receiving device also has 2.4 GHz, it means that you can go a long distance, but you continue to receive data from your router but they are not going at high speed.

But if it is 5 GHz, they are coming at a high speed, that is, they are full and more data is coming, but if you put it away from your router, it cannot connect to your device.

But the beauty of 5 GHz comes in size and speed, it also does not allow interaction, but with 2.4 GHz, although it goes for a long distance when you are at a long distance, it is easy to interact with another network, that’s why if you use a 2.4 GHz router, there are times when you can see if it has a cut.

Even if all routers have 4G, i.e. 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, the speed is different, that is, if you play a YouTube video or open a browser, the 5 GHz router will open things more quickly, unlike the 2.4 GHz, it will have some delay.

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