Do Not Enjoy Waterproof on Your Device, Do you Know its Level?, IP CODE


Some electronic devices are proofed in the sense that they are Waterproof or Dustproof, and here when I say Water Proof it means that the device does not get damaged even if it touches water, and Dust Proof means that even if it gets dirty, the dirt cannot cause errors in your device.

Now knowing if your device has Proof or not is easy, you can go to Google and search for the model of your device and its name, read the Specification, and it will tell you if it has proof, or if it doesn’t, it will also tell you, or if it is new in the box, it will tell you if this device has Proof or not. on his Paper Work, and if you realize that your device does not have Proof then you should know that its proof is only your hands to make sure it does not get into water or dirt.

But knowing whether your device has Proof or not is not a big deal, but what kind of proof does it have? For example, if you take the iPhone 13 Pro, if you read its specifications, it will tell you that it has Water Proof and Dust Proof IP68. here you will have to know what this means and where is its difference.

Ingress Protection (IP)

Today I will tell you about this thing, if you see or hear IPX4, IPX6, or IP68 this is called IP CODE
Now there is an organization called (IEC) International Electrotechnical Commission, this organization that manages and assigns standards for all electrical equipment in the world, that is, every piece of electrical equipment must pass through this organization and they know what standards they give and also in terms of Waterproof or DustProof they are the ones who give the standard.

It means that the way this device is made, they choose which code to give the device, whether it is IPX4, IPX6, or IP68.
Now this IP is a Code that is issued by IEC and the numbers that follow after IP both have their meaning here, for example, in IP68 these numbers 6 and 8 have their meaning here I ask for your attention.

The first digit (Solids) means an inquiry about the dirt in IP68 this number 6 means protection against dirt in your device and if you see they have written for you

X, then you should know that Not Tested
0 know that Not Protected
1 know that Objects larger than 50 mm
2 know that objects larger than 12.5 mm
3 know that objects larger than 2.5 mm
4 know that objects larger than 1 mm
5 know that Dust is Protected here even the thin dirt does not enter
6 know that Dust is tight here, even dust cannot enter


Now that is the analysis of the first number after the code which as I told you above, the first number means a question about dirt.
And the number that follows, which is the second one, is protection on the waterside, what does it mean when you see it written

X, then you should know that Not Tested
0 know that Not Protected
1 Know that it is Dripping water, that is, the water that comes from the Drip system cannot enter
2 Know Dripping water tilted at 15′
3 Know that it is Spraying water that cannot enter
4 Know that it is splashing water that cannot enter
5 Know that water jets cannot enter
6 Know that the water from the Powerful Water jets also cannot enter
7 know that it is Immersion up to 1M, that is, you can submerge it in water up to 1 meter long, it cannot enter
8 know that it is Continues Immersion, 1M or more, that is, you can immerse more than 1 meter and water cannot enter
Now if you look at a phone like the iPhone 13 Pro, they have said that it is a waterproof IP68 the dirt 6 is Dust-tight, and the waterproof 8 it is that you can submerge more than 1 meter but water does not enter.

Therefore, you need to understand how these things work to avoid damaging your suitability for those, who do not have much ability to prevent it from being damaged.

You should be aware that other lamps are installed indoors that have Proofed, some are installed outside, and others are damaged when it rains and water gets in. Now some have proof, that is, even when it rains, the lamp continues to endure and continue to burn.


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