Dog (2022) Movie Review


This is a movie that if you like action and fighting, you may not like it, and also if you like exciting stories that touch your emotions, you may not like it, but if you are a person who watches the movie for the concept, it is a movie that you will like as much as I did.

This is a movie that I have watched for the first time. After finishing it, I said no, let me look behind the scenes. How did they play this movie? It is a movie whose concept I enjoyed. I can say that the director has thought of something very big and extra mile.

This movie is called DOG now because of the way this movie has been made, it is about a dog called Lulu, here the director has something very big that he needs to bring to ordinary people, me and you.

This movie is about a former army man who is a Ranger but has retired, his name is Jackson Briggs, who went to apply for a job in the security office, now he has to follow his army captain to refer him, that is, give him a letter of confirmation that he was indeed a soldier so that he could be given the job.


But one of his friends were all in the army, who was also a Ranger, he died and after his death when Jackson Briggs went to pay his last respects in the army, he met his captain and he was begging the captain to give him that appeal, he was able to get the job.

Now the captain gave him a job and told him that his friend’s funeral is being held in a certain place so Jackson Briggs was asked to leave with a car and carry the deceased’s things like a uniform and make sure he takes them to the funeral home on the day that before the people are buried he should have delivered those things because his family needs them.

But also the dog Lulu is the dog that he used in the army and he was his master who had control because the dog was as if he had cooled down, it is a dog whose mind is not right, now the family has to take the dog and transport him to the funeral.

Car Channing Tatum Drive in Dog Movie

Leprosy comes first. The dog is not well, but the dog is also not very used to Briggs traveling again in a car, a 1984 Ford Bronco, a very old car.

Now on the way, when transporting Lulu, he will meet various companions on the journey, he managed to get him to the part of the disaster and after that, he and Lulu become friends.

It is a movie that, if you look at it, the things that he goes through on the way make you love this movie more.

Now this movie is a movie whose concept is the way director Channing Tatum has made it, you know a dog is a very different creature you can say it has no memory, take for example you have a dog at home every time you come back your dog will enjoy you with the same happiness if it jumps on you it will jump on you if it licks you it will lick you.

Unlike your child when you return home at the beginning when he is small, he may be receiving you with joy, but as he grows older, the joy of receiving you decreases.

But the love the dog had for you never fades even a day, it’s the same every day, you can say maybe it doesn’t have a past or a future, but it doesn’t have any, but the love the dog has is very different.

Now the dog Lulu is a military dog that has been trained. Her husband, who has died, is used to him to a great extent. Now that he is gone, it will take time for him to get used to another person and to love another person, and it is also difficult to transfer love to another person. that’s what’s in this movie.

Because they are animals that you can despise but their thoughts are very big, it is possible to even more than us humans, the love of dogs is a love that cannot be erased more easily.

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