Review BMW iX, The First Car to Change Color, How it works


Appearing at The World’s Largest Consumer Electronics Show (CES), for the first time a car that can change color has been introduced, spreading around the world news that there is now a car that can change color, Now many people want to know what this car is like, how it works and how the colors change.

Something that you need to understand first of all before I tell you how this technology works, this car is called BMW iX, it is a car that has been manufactured and exists but its other version does not change color, they are manufactured in two versions, there is BMW iX xdrive40 and then there is BMW iX xdrive50.

It took six to seven months for BMW to develop the technology to enable this car to change its color, there is a video that has been made to talk about the BMW iX itself, unlike the improved iX, look at it below.

Something that has been done in the newly improved BMW iX car, which is xdrive50, has been placed in three layers, the lower and upper layers are called Electrode layers, and the middle layer is called Capture Layer.

The thing that exists is when electricity occurs on the top layer or the bottom layer, the top layer sends positive and the bottom sends negative, or the bottom sends negative and the top sends positive, the middle layer in the middle Capture Layer changes color where the Capture has ink in it which has two colors only the wood is dark gray and white.

Now it is not that you have heard that this car changes color and you think it is any color, no this car only changes two colors which are dark gray and white and if you succeed in driving it further you will see that there are some visible lines in the car because of the layer as it is made in the structure.

You may wonder what will happen if you scratch or scratch this car, please tell me that if you scratch this car just a little, then the part that has been damaged will not change color again, only the part that has been scratched will remain white.

because it’s a car that you have to be very careful with, but it’s still a technology they’re working on and I think they wish it could change colors even more than five and it’s possible they could release another one.

And the current one is dark gray and white, maybe later they can put a capture layer that will be maybe red and yellow, and the car will be moved from red to yellow, or even if it is blue and green, then the car will move from blue to green, and it is possible that they can put capture layer with more than two colors, maybe we will wait and see because technology is growing every day.

As for what has been done, the BMW iX that has already been manufactured was taken and the experts put those electrode layers together with the captured layer on top to make the car change color, it is something that has only been done on their side but when you go inside you will find a big cinema screen.
You will find this in BMW iX Flow but if you enter BMW iX xdrive40 or BMW iX xdrive50 you will not find this screen.

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