Phone Batteries Will Return to Old Replaceable System


After USB-C has to be the port that will be in all phones in the world and companies like Apple agree to start making iPhones that will have a USB-C port and cable; next is replaceable batteries.

What are Replaceable Batteries?

For those who started using phones in the olden days, they will remember the old batteries in the phones, it was easy to open the phone and change the battery. At that time, these types of batteries were called replaceable batteries (or by other names, user-replaceable or user-serviceable batteries). They are batteries that come out and change the phone without having to open the whole phone or take the phone to a technician.

Why batteries have been closed with a cover and cannot be changed?

1: To make sure that water does not enter the phone
2: To force users to buy another battery if the battery is damaged
3: To force people not to install their technology so they have to go to the technicians to change the battery

The European Union has given 3 and a half years to mobile phone companies to install phone covers that will allow the user to open and change the battery himself. Also, mobile phone companies have been forced to install a design that will still not allow water to enter the phone if someone does not open their phone.

Companies like Apple, Samsung, and Google will have to set the order. But a company like Xioami has already decided that it will be making different brands to suit the markets, for example, it will have its special phones for the EU and other continents will continue to use its design which does not have to be similar to the EU.

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