The Adam Project (2022) Movie Review


It’s called The Adam Project, a new movie that came out on March 11, 2022, on Netflix, in which there is actor Ryan Reynolds and something you didn’t know is that Ryan has an agreement with Netflix that he is making various projects that are under Netflix and what is happening at Netflix they ensure that they manage everything but Ryan’s job is to make sure that he brings Story and Casts and to make sure that the work is done under Netflix and their job is to distribute that work.

And until now, he has already sent two works apart from The Adam Project, he has already sent Six Underground and Red Notice, which are works that are under Netflix, and Ryan Reynolds, who has managed the entire issues in the movie such as cast and stories.

Now this is the third movie which is called The Adam Project, it is a movie which is Sci-Fi and Drama genre, I have watched it and its story is very good where it came out on March 11, 2022, I would like to give you a review of that movie which has already come out so that if you haven’t seen it yet, you know the beauty of this movie or if you don’t see it then you should understand this movie well.

As I told you this is a Science Fiction (Sci-Fi) movie about Time Travel where there is a man called Adam Reed who is the pilot of some people who are called Time Travel Fighters, that is there are things that people used to fight about Time Travel but it has not been explained yet what exactly is the reason why it led to those people fighting.

Now this Adam Reed is from the future but unfortunately the plane he was flying crashed in 2022 and when he landed there he found himself meeting his version when he was 12 years old. and 12 years old.

Because there are things that are seen, there are robots that seem to be following him, he is fighting inside and then what is there, because that is the story that the guy has come from the future and has come to the past, but you have not yet made it clear that in terms of time travel when he came out, what is there and why is he being rushed?
But the thing that I have seen is this Adam Reed, his father is called Louis Reed, this is the one who created the Time Travel project, they have not yet said which project that project is, that’s why the movie is called the Adam Project, now his father is the one who created the project during that period.

In the Movie, there are many Cast I have seen Zoe Saldana (Laura Shane), Jennifer Garner (Ellie Reed), Mark Ruffalo (Louis Reed), and Walker Scobell (Adam Reed) when they have 12 years the past.

I liked to see the cast that was placed in this very first movie, someone like Ryan Reynolds, we know he is no stranger to Sci-Fi movies, he has done many like Free Guy and others like Dead Pool, but I liked to see someone like Zoe Saldana if you look at how the guns that they use look good They are guns from the future, that is, they are not ordinary pistols. I like it because Zoe Saldana is not something foreign to her. We know that she has done a great job in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy, which is Sci-Fi. in the Avengers too.

It’s not something foreign that he has done here because I think it’s a perfect cast to be in this movie, but also someone like Mark Ruffalo seems to have played a scientist who discovered the Time Travel project now for someone like Mark Ruffalo it’s also not something foreign to him because in In Avengers, he played as the Hulk, so I liked the way the cast was placed.

Something that Ryan Reynolds is very successful in his projects in arranging casts that are compatible with something that exists.

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