Teacher Job Opportunities at Ndetembia Matemu Daycare


Job: Nursery Teacher
School: Ndetembia Day Care


From Ndetembia Matemu is the best Primary English medium school in Morogoro religion that perfume best always and been the first school in the national examination result within six years now, this made a belief in many parents in Tanzania believe that the best school that his/her children get the best performance is with our school Ndetembia Matemu English Medium School.

We work and made sure that a student when comes to us never like before because we made sure that we teach by our techniques and made this student the best may be in our school he may be the last place in the exam levels in class but if he goes in other schools different from ours and the quality of our students, then that student must hold high positions in his exams.

We always made a hard examination and this made our students have a quick and high level of understanding this is our big weapon in teaching a student, another thing is we have well-experienced teachers that perfume best in educating a student in the best way of teaching a student and he understood what he was being taught by keeping it together and memorizing it as well.

We are before having only Primary School but in a way of growing and wish to teach a student from scratch in kindergarten up to standard seven to create the best performance that will help when going to secondary for classes of Form one up to Form four.

This year we build a kindergarten building to start a new branch school of Ndetembia Day Care we allow children from 3 Years up to 5 Years will start educating them from not knowing how to read and write at all until knowing and reading well, remember we are an English medium school so children will learn this language and make him understand it and it will be a reason to help him when he enters secondary school.

Teacher Job Opportunity

We are looking for ten daycare teachers that are well experienced in teaching children from nothing up to now, so here we believe that a teacher must have the ability to play with a child to make them understand him easily in what he is teaching.

He should have studied at any college that offers training courses for children and should have good grades in his studies, those who will have a Diploma will be given priority in getting this job opportunity.

Dedication to work is the basic thing because you can get a job but lose it due to lack of dedication, so one who can devote himself and work with heart to ensure that there are no shortcomings in his work is also needed.

Working in cooperation builds something very good, so the one who can work in cooperation with others is what we need from the institution because even Ndetembia Primary school until it grows and becomes big now, is because of teamwork and cooperation.

Love is a fundamental thing, here we are talking about working with love with your colleagues, but also love for children is a very important thing that we need because they are children and there is a lot that they do not know and they still have childish behavior so their education is mainly based on teaching them with love and gentleness especially when they are wrong.

This job opportunity for you who dreams of becoming a primary school teacher is yours and we pay very well to ensure that the teacher has no doubts about his work and to ensure that he is in a good living environment.

For those who will be able to apply for work but are from far away from the Morogoro region, if you succeed in getting employment from us, we have a procedure to enable our employees to have a good place for housing during the entire period they will be working with us.

This position is for five years and if we see that you have a good performance in teaching and we receive positive comments from parents and all stakeholders in general, we usually give permanent contracts to teachers who teach well in our school.

So your performance in the first five years is your ticket to get a permanent contract from us Ndetembia Matemu Schools.

Vacancies are for those aged between 24-40 years but with at least two years of experience in teaching at any previous school.

You attach your certificates of secondary education, College as well as any experience that you have in your CV.

The way to submit your job application is through these methods here.

Send your CV through Email: [email protected]

Visit Our Webpage: https://www.ndetembiaschools.ac.tz/contact/

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