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Do you dream of becoming a Presenter on a particular radio or television station in Tanzania or do you need to be a talented journalist in any newspaper or any media outlet?

Today I bring you the best place where you can get your education in journalism and Mass communication in this college located in Morogoro City.

Background History

Morogoro school of journalism started teaching journalists in 1995, being one of the first colleges in the provision of journalism studies in those years where it was offered at the certificate level only.

It managed to produce many excellent talents who performed well in Radio Tanzania Dar es Salaam (RTD) at that time and became one of the colleges that were given great honor especially in producing newspaper journalists.

In 2007, it succeeded in obtaining certification for teaching at the Ordinary Diploma level of journalism and public communication, this is due to the growth of the media, thus forcing many writers to increase their education.

So this college continued to produce the best writers while it was in Nane Nane areas in Morogoro Region, where in 2019 it got a new owner and moved to Kihonda Mizani where it is located until now.

Registration Application

Due to the media law that has been amended here in Tanzania requiring journalists as well as all broadcasters working in various media from this year 2023, they are not required to continue working if they do not have a Diploma in Journalism, where any media is not allowed to apply a person who does not have a Diploma.

Morogoro School of journalism invites you to develop yourself or gain skills in a journalism course and be able to achieve your dreams like other broadcasters who have studied and succeeded while getting their education in this college.

Registration is officially open and you can register now, I will explain below how to write which is very easy.

The opportunities you will get if you study at Morogoro School Of Journalism

Freedom to learn, many universities do not give freedom in learning, especially if you look at the journalism course, it is based mainly on practical rather than theory, so the young man should have the freedom to use studios such as radio and TV studios to build more experience, at MSJ we have rooms modern that you can learn more safely and freely, this will build you to gain more experience in your news writing career.

Modern equipment, MSJ has modern equipment that is easy and improved for the student to learn and is available and used in many media in this country, so when you come to MSJ you will have the chance to know the best equipment such as Prompter for reading news on TV, Modern Cameras, studio Modern Radio, News Room with many modern computers as well as learning software to use in audio editings such as Adobe Audition and Premier pro for video editing.

Skills in Graphics, our students always teach them to know many things because many media houses need someone who is multipurpose so in addition to teaching them journalism and Advertising, there is this Graphics market that is growing very fast so when you are at MSJ you will have the opportunity to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After effect as well as various software that are used in Graphics and Design.

Where here you will also be taught how to design a newspaper and make you earn money in the job market due to the high demand for people with such abilities.

Camera Operators, Katima Media especially on the TV side, these people are very much needed in shooting programs either live or recorded so also if you dream of becoming a camera operator then here at Morogoro School of Journalism you get a chance to know how who works and prepares the program until it is seen live on TV.

Student Organization, As in other colleges also in MSJ college there is a leadership of technicians where students start to discuss their issues before they reach the Administration where this also helps in building leaders because leadership starts at the lower level.

They receive friendly fees, in this college the fee waiver is also favorable to even a low-income parent who needs his child to achieve his dreams, because they allow receiving fees in installments and any amount, but only make sure you finish the fee for the relevant semester.

It always helps its students to find field places for them, but also for those students who will show good performance in classroom studies and practical college, they bear the responsibility of finding a media outlet for the young man where he will be given direct employment.

The environment found in this college is ideal for students to learn where all the necessary human needs are met but also for those who come from far away, for example outside the Morogoro region, there are also hostel benefits where they are very modern.

Achieve your dream today of becoming a journalist or a good broadcaster through your best college located in Morogoro as I said before that this college is a veteran in the provision of writing education with more than 20 years of teaching journalists.

This has made it possible to have excellent and well-reputed teachers and make this college famous in the country of Tanzania, while another thing that gives you credit in the media is if you say that you have appeared at this college due to the friendship with all the recent media that you have and its students are recognized for their excellent work in various media houses.

Entry Criteria.

NTA Level 4: For those who completed the fourth form, you should have approximately D4 in your results the Fourth Form which will enable you to join this college where on the day of registration you must bring your Form four Certificate or your Living certificate.

NTA Level 5&6: If you need to obtain a Diploma in Journalism and Public Communication, you must have completed NTA Level 4 in any college recognized by NACTE or you must have completed the sixth form and obtained subsidiary 2 so that you can join this college.

While studying NTA Level 4 you will study for one year and get Basic Technical Certificate in Journalism but in NTA Level 5&6 studying is two years and you will get Ordinary Diploma in Journalism.


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