Ibrahim Lied to The Egypt About His Wife?


“,… Look, I know that you are a beautiful woman; so it will be, when the Egyptians see you, they will say, This is his wife; then they will kill me and they will leave you alive. Please say, you are my brother, may it be good for me for you, and may my soul live for you.” Genesis 12:11-13

The information that Abram gave to his wife Sarai was an explanation to protect his life so that Abram would not die. Abram tries to protect himself by denying the truth about his relationship with his wife Sarai. But Abram has forgotten that even if he told the truth, God would still protect him because God had already told him that “Abram will be made a great nation, and God will magnify his name” (Genesis 12:2).

So it would not be possible for this person to be killed while he was with the Lord, the bearer of those promises. The truth is that Sarai is his brother but she is also his wife. So in the context of identification about Sarai, the word wife should be used against the word brother. If so, it is obvious that Abram lied about Sarah’s identity in Egypt.

But the question to ask is this; “Why did a man of faith like this come to lie? Did his faith drop? How was the relationship between Abram and Sarai? Etc. You may ask yourself many questions in this area, and it is also possible that you will miss all the answers.

In such questions, you must know that Abram was not God so that he does not sin. In Abram’s normal state of humanity, he found himself wrong in this area. Because if you follow it closely, you will discover its source and it is “absolute physical hunger along with the fear of being killed”. Carnal desires pushed Abram to tell Sarai to lie;

Fear that Abram had a very big fear because he began to have a picture of being killed by the Egyptians if he told the truth about his wife Sarai. However, sometimes fear makes you lie or miss your God, so it is better to work on this area so that you are not ruled by fear of any kind. Maybe now we should look at the relationship that Abram had with Sarai his wife

01. The relationship between Abram and Sarai.

– On the part of Abram who was called Abraham (Abraham means the father of many nations Genesis 17:5). It seems very clear that old man Tera (Ibrahimu’s wife) had other children who were not mentioned because there were customs of not counting female children or women (This thing seems to continue even with Jacob because Jacob gave birth to thirteen children including Dina who is a female child -Read Genesis 30:20, but Dinah was not counted but only the 12 and they became the twelve tribes of Israel)

So Sarai was not counted among the children of old Terah, but she was the child of old Terah. In the old Jewish customs it was allowed to marry your brother unless he is your biological brother. They allowed the participation of the father but not the mother. So it seems that Sarai was the child of old Tera by another mother.

So what was heavy was “the womb of the mother who gave birth”. And that’s why even if you look at what God allowed to make a firm covenant with Isaac and not Ishmael even though they were all Abraham’s children (Genesis 17:19-20). God looked at his covenant that it will pass through Sarah’s womb, not Hagar’s, even though man is the same. Abraham says here when he went to the land of Gerard.

“And she is my brother, my father’s daughter but not my mother’s son, so she became my wife.” Genesis 20:12

It is the same as saying Ibrahimu should be saying this “…this Sara, is my brother, I am not lying to you, he is my father’s child born to a woman who is not my biological mother. But now she has become my wife, but to tell the truth, she is also my brother…”. That is the kinship that Abram had with Sarai who is now not just a brother but more than a brother because she is his wife!

Even his covenant son Isaac, he also married his younger brother, look here;

02. The brotherhood of Isaac and Rebecca;

Abram and his brother took wives for themselves, Abram’s wife’s name was Sarai and Nahor’s wife’s name was Milcah, daughter of Haran (Genesis 11:29). The Bible tells us that Nahor’s wife was the son of his brother Haran (Genesis 11:26), this is the same as saying that Nahor married his younger brother’s son named Haran who died early, Haran gave birth to Lot. And after that, Nahor managed to have children with his wife Milka daughter of Haran, and one of Nahor’s children was Bethuel, who gave birth to Rebekah (Genesis 22:20-23).

Abraham had a son by Sarah and his name was Isaac. Isaac married Rebekah as his wife, now ask yourself that if isn’t true that Rebekah is Isaac’s brother even though she was also his wife. (Because Isaac married his brother’s son, look there) Then we see Isaac introducing his wife Rebekah as his daughter because she is his daughter. So Isaac did not lie in that identity.

In the past, people used to marry brothers and sisters, and many times the Lord God instructed his people not to go and marry far away from the nations, but to return to their homes. e same nature by taking a wife. (1 Kings 11:1-2, Genesis 24:36-38)

Thus, it is true that Sarai was Abram’s sister. But due to the circumstances, they had, Abram lied and said that Sarai was his brother because by saying that he made Pharaoh take Sarai as his wife, but before they got close God did not allow that situation and, because of that he struck Pharaoh and his house with great blows (Genesis 12:17 ). To indicate that the woman is someone’s wife.

What are we learning? Do we learn to tell even a little lie like this?

03. A lie is a demonic spirit that can spread.

The devil is the father of lies (John 8:44). When Abram as a gate passed that lie, it caused his sons to walk in the same spirit. Isaac also lied to Rebekah, and he was like Yokobo to Isaac. The time has come for us not to be afraid of the environment and to tell the whole truth so that we can overcome this spirit.

04. Don’t let yourself be ruled by fear

Fear is the door of the devil, because if you are afraid you will fall into sin and miss God who created you. What drove Abram to introduce Sarai was just fear! Because he thought that if he identified him well, he would be killed. When you see that you are under fear, then make sure you fight in prayer so that the fear leaves you

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