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If you are unemployed and you want a way that you can earn some money to help in your life maintain or family, today I want to give you an opportunity for you and you will get a high payment of money for your efforts.

Mwayodeo is a company that helps house girls and House Boys maintain their rights when they work in the house that hired but also we always get requests from the house and some companies that need a person for the responsibility of cleaning and some of that so we as a way to connect The person needs a House Keeper and the House Keeper its self.

We ensure that when you are hired in any place we always follow your development and know how you live with your boss and this is because many housekeepers face many challenges in their work field, like discrimination, being subjected to any kind of violence, and other, they are overworked beyond their capacity.

So we know this all and that’s why we are one to want to know how our personal lives and we are doing this in a very professional way and this that builds trust in us from a lot of people and Home workers.

We teach a housekeeper to follow the rules that we give on how to live with the boss in the house and to make sure that fulfill all responsibilities we are responsible for if a housekeeper does something wrong boss of the company faces us so we made sure the the the the that we work with a trusted person and we know the relatives and another person that we can get them if anything happens.


We need three house girls and two house boys that can work in houses but in different places, but start with the house girl there are some things that you should have that we need from you before we train some skills from us and the following are those some of the things that you better have before applying for our job opportunity.

You Should Know How to Cook, many peoples that searching for house girls have one goal is to help with housing things and big this is to cook food so we just want a person that knows how to cook good and standard food for the people that can eat and enjoy the menu we know that may be you can not know how to cook many foods but in some Africans foods that easy you just needed to know how to cook and even food of many peoples, here is because some they know how to cook food of few people but if it is for many is cook a portion of bad food, so you just needed to have the ability of also cooking food for many people.

Know how to Clean House, as we said above that many peoples that seek housekeepers want to help with home jobs, and this you should have the ability to do, how to make a house clean all the time when you are hired as a housekeeper because many bosses like to see when they return from their jobs to see a clean house.

You should have sharpness ability, we don’t need a lazy person just need your sharpness in the jobs at home and made sure you take care of your responsibility without force from anyone, here don’t wait till a person tell you doing that or clean that place.
Work in any place, we can connect you with any house from any place so you should have the ability to live in any place where you are being placed for work in that house and made sure you work at a standard level.

By house boy, we just need a person that can make sure that he can handle the garden and in place available there are dairy cows that you need to know how to serve those cows.

We just need a person years 19 – 28 we need this age because many bosses don’t want people of high age and you should be smart in mind and your body also that means your body hygiene also consider when you are at people’s house.

We guarantee you to get highly paid and you will be paid on time because we work with smart families that need housekeepers.
Before we connect with you we have a step that we put, one is we start a class to train you and we train in a week we prepared many lessons about being a good housekeeper after that there was an exam that you should do that and when you pass is we give you a chance of being in our team.


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