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I know a large group of people after seeing the trailer for Black Panther 2 from Marvel Studios have become very eager to watch this Black Panther movie, that is, you wish it would come out tomorrow, but what I have discovered after watching the trailer and repeating it several times as well as watching very seriously, it only shows the trailer itself, it is sad because I would see people prepare themselves for the fact that the movie may have many sad parts.

Black Panther 2 Released Date

  • November 11, 2022

I am here to give you a review of the trailer that has been released for the movie Black Panther 2.

The first thing that you need to understand about Black Panther is that when the trailer starts, there is a soundtrack, if you can find out what the soundtrack is and what the song means, off cause you will understand what kind of movie Black Panther is going to be.

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That soundtrack is for a song called No Women no Cry, it is a song by Bob Marley and The Mailers, it is a song that is found in the Natty Dread album, which is a song of many days.

This song means a woman should not cry or a woman should not cry, you can also say that no woman will cry, now if you listen to the soundtrack and the way the trailer goes, you will understand that it is a movie that is going to be sad even though I like the way the soundtrack is and how which cuts come together with one very good quality, I like it.

Black Panther 2 Trailer

But the big thing that we need to know about black panther is that the first one who was there Chadwick Boseman has already died and played T’challa now what will happen after T’challa is dead?

If you look at the trailer, there is a part where you can see Shuri and Ramonda are there, it looks like they are all wearing white clothes, but if you look at it, it is like a tragedy or a celebration because there is a moment where Shuri is shown in a sad shot and then there are people celebrating in the background, there are two possible things here it turned out to be Goodbye for Chadwick Boseman “T’challa” they are saying goodbye because it is important to pay respect to him or Shuri is being sworn in as Black Panther.

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Although another thing that you need to know is related to Ramonda, she is heard talking in the Trailer about her family that her whole family is gone and it seems that there are people in Wakanda who have attacked them, I will tell you who they are and why they have attacked them.

Wakanda attacked black panther 2

And this is something that has happened, not by accident, if you listen to Avengers movies in the past, there is a part where they were talking about people called Atlantis, because Ramonda complains that her family is lost and it’s like she’s asking for help, although in the trailer there are still hidden things.

There is something that can be seen in the trailer that water has entered the place where the Wakanda themselves are used to sitting and holding their meetings and there is a shot showing Shuri standing, now there is a sea in the Wakanda, that is, on the side of the Wakanda there is an ocean and in the sea, there is a community of people who they are called Entrants who live in there.

Wakanda Attacked By Atlantis

It’s like if you go to DC, there’s Aquaman community, now they’re called Atlantis, now in the Atlantis, there’s a person born called Namor, if you look at him, he looks human, even his color is human, but the ears are different from humans, but if you look at the Atlantis themselves, their colors are of Blue but for Namor, he has been different because his mother is Atlantis but his father is a normal human.

Namol from Atlantis

Atlantis blue colour

Now, this community of Atlantis is the ones who are coming to invade Wakanda, but I think the story is growing like this, maybe because they heard that T’Challa is not there, i.e. Black Panther is not there, they decided to go to Wakanda, although I don’t know what they want from Wakanda, we know that the biggest wealth of Wakanda is technology and resources, I think this is the thing that even Atlantis want.


But also in the story related to Shuri, there seems to be a part where she is crying, it seems that the soundtrack of no women no cry directly affects her because her brother is not there and she seems to be crying.

But the thing that you need to realize is that Shuri is the person who is going to be Black Panther. If you look in the trailer, there is a part where Black Panther is seen. He just comes wearing a suit, but if you look closely, you can see that it is a woman and the body may belong to Shuri.

Another person has been seen called Iron Heart, this is a young lady who deals with technology issues. I think there are many things that we will see there.

I like to see that Marvel has taken us to a very good sequence, the thing that I liked so far, if you leave aside the soundtrack issues, the video quality is very cool.

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