4 Job Opportunities at SOKA LEO TANZANIA – Presenter, Camera Person and Editor



Location: Morogoro


SOKA LEO is a news agency that is focused on providing news on the internet, where the content of this media is Sports and Entertainment in the country of Tanzania.

At the moment, it is more focused on the website and application where it owns a sports website called sokaleo.com, while its application available in the Play Store and App Store is called SOKA LEO.

Now, with more than five years of the provision of information through the website and Application, with more than 100K Tanzanian visitors per day who visit every day to get sports news.

With the goals of growing and informing the public through internet devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers through websites, apps, and social media accounts.

Intending to grow and reach far, this media has started a YouTube channel, this channel now needs to enter more into the limits of videos and information through videos through YouTube, where this led to SOKA LEO, deciding to add a team that will succeed in taking the media forward but also the lack of permanent employment for young journalists.


They need three people with an understanding of journalism and communication issues for the public and the media in general while the multipurpose one will be given more priority, where the people who are needed are two announcers and one video editor.



Advertisers are required first of all must have talent, because we believe in developing talent. After all, talent is compatible with better work performance and creativity, but they must have at least two years of experience working in any media, be it online media or mainstream.

Have a Diploma certificate in journalism and public communication, from any college that offers training in Journalism and Mass Communication within the country of Tanzania or abroad.

The ability to smell a story, the announcer who is needed and who will be given a long-term contract is the one who can know if this story that when I cover this story will go viral or will inform visitors and viewers of SOKA LEO.

Also Ability to Balance Story, other writers are afraid to enter some institutions or places that they should enter to be able to balance the story that he covers from the field, so the announcer we need should have Confidence and the ability to balance any story from the field.

Modern and Updated Presenter, are you a modern broadcaster, your broadcasting is not old-fashioned and you know how to go with the trending as well as knowing what the current world needs in terms of news, you are the one we need because we have passed the age of news, it is trending today but the tool reports tomorrow, the time we have now is to go with events, information or if something happens, then it should also be reported in SOKA LEO sources because it is an online media that goes with the times.

An announcer who commits himself and works hard for the organization will also be given a big chance in being given a long-term contract because he will be seen as needing the development of the organization and we as a media organization will also need to see his progress in his life and his journalism career.

Good dressing and discipline are also better because you will be seen through the video so you should understand that even if you are talented and professional, appearance is also needed.

Good manners and respect for work, some people are disrespectful at work, you will find when Fulani should be present at the scene of the incident but due to lack of respect at the relevant time he is not present at the relevant place but also others do not have good manners, SOKA LEO would not like to destroy the brand that created it in the community for many years, the one with good behavior and respect at work is needed.

Video Editor.

A well-experienced editor, we need a video editor who has experience in doing this work of editing effectively for the first two years and has already worked in different places.

Urgency in your work, the editor must be quick in order not to delay the work, so we as a media outlet would not like to see the news all over the media that has not been posted, but we still, so we need an editor who is sharp in working and going fast with responses.

He should also have the ability to edit motion graphics, so if you have that experience, your time is now to benefit and earn income through the talent and ability that you have.

Camera Person

There is also a need for a cameraman who can shoot and knows how to use the camera to know the right angles for taking videos, when to take shots, what shot to take, and at what angle.

But also the ability to set the camera should have this to bring a picture with a good appearance that will attract the viewer but also bring a good view in a tool because we believe a good appearance attracts people to watch or become fans of your work due to how not to offend when someone watches it, so you must know how to set the camera and your good codes that will make your video interesting.

Able to run a website.

Also, a young person who can write sports stories on the website and balance them along with following the principles and rules of journalistic writing will be given priority, and should have even the slightest knowledge of how to use WordPress and create stories by following the SEO strategy, we will give him a priority because of our website it is the big part that benefits us and makes us trusted by people as well as various big companies that advertise themselves through us.

So at the moment, we need the trust that existed in our website and applications as well as our social media to end it in YouTube as well to further develop our brand.

SOKA LEO we like to say that we need young people from 20 to 49 years old who have the skills mentioned above while ensuring that every young person benefits from his profession but we also believe in developing young people through us so we need young people who will have the heart to work with us effectively. honesty and quality.

A young man should be able to work in any environment within the country of Tanzania and he must also be willing to commit himself for the initial period when we look at his work performance. a period of three months because journalistic work, especially is based in practical, so the supervision period is a time to satisfy yourself with your work and efficiency so that if we give you a contract, we will not be wrong to hire the right person who will help us in our work.

For Application 

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