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Beroya Mission Adventist Choir – Jiwe

Beroya Mission Adventist Choir - Jiwe


A Catholic choir from Tanzania Beroya Mission Adventist Choir have come up with a new blessing song that talks about the birth of Jesus, which is called Jiwe ‘Stone’ we get Mp3 for you to simple download and also listen online.

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This song talks about the suffering of Jesus where he started to be humiliated and his clothes were torn and spat on, beaten until he died and the veil of the temple was torn and the coming of the new covenant.

And now the savior has risen and people have witnessed the earthquake and the guards were afraid when the angels came down to remove the stone that closed the door of the tomb. That’s why this song is called a Jiwe ‘Stone’ meaning the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the one who will come a second time to resurrect those who slept in his name so they can live their lives again forever. Very blessed with this song.

AUDIO: Beroya Mission Adventist Choir – Jiwe MP3 DOWNLOAD


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